Bowspring Extension II

(Advanced Bowspring)

by Desi Springer & John Friend

Bowspring Extension II (Advanced Bowspring)

Desi Springer & John Friend

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About the Teacher

In 2013, John Friend joined forces with Desi to help systematise her Bowspring postural method of Sridaiva. He teaches at Vital as well as maintains an international teaching tour with Desi year-round. John has been a student of philosophy, physics and mind-body health for over...

This plan includes 2 classes: Advancing the Bow & Bowspring vs Anusara. Designed for more advanced Bowspring practitioners, learn a challenging flow taught in Katas or sections. Perfect for those that want to refine their Bowspring practice and learn the latest advances.

Be aware: The Bowspring Extension II (Advanced Bowspring) is part of the Elementals of Bowspring Bundle

All sessions inside the plan

Advancing the Bow

37 mins

From Anusara to Bowspring

56 mins

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