Chakra Awakening Body & Soul

by Faith Hunter

Chakra Awakening Body & Soul

Faith Hunter

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10 Sessions

3,5 hr. Video Playback

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About the Teacher

Always eager to learn, explore, and share, Faith is an inspiring and generous mentor to yoga practitioners of all skill levels. She is the creator of Spiritually Fly® – a philosophy that celebrates every moment of life and uses yoga’s tools of sound (chanting, music, breath and movement) in a fresh and modern way to encourage students to embrace their unique flow in life, on and off the mat...

This program is designed to ignite the physical body, stimulate the mental realm, and awaken the soul by honoring the natural flow of energy inspired by the Chakras. The dynamic flows, soothing and meditative practices will generate a powerful surge of energy charged by breath, movement, mudras, mantras and intention. You will connect to your natural way of aligning while feeling rooted, strengthen and nourished…Body and Soul! Follow the flow of these practices or select the one the suits your current mood each day.

All sessions inside the plan

Groundation (1st Chakra)

29 mins

Liquid Movement (2nd Chakra)

26 mins

Fire Center (3rd Chakra)

15 mins

Shine On (4th Chakra)

20 mins

Sacred Language (5th Chakra)

20 mins

I See (6th Chakra)

15 mins

Quiet Spaces (7th Chakra)

11 mins

Fully Awakened

33 mins

Refining Lines

22 mins

Subtle Softness

14 mins

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