Complete Bowspring Pack

by Desi Springer & John Friend

Complete Bowspring Pack

Desi Springer & John Friend

This pack bundles 3 plans:

1) Bowspring Basic Training Course: 11 Videos on the Bowspring method, a comprehensive basic training and introduction to this new alignment system by the co-creators, Desi Springer and John Friend.

2) Bowspring Extension I (Elementals of Bowspring) includes 2 classes: Elements of the Roots & Elements of the Wings

3) Bowspring Extension II (Advanced Bowspring) includes 2 classes: Advancing the Bow & Bowspring vs. Anusara.

The Bowspring method teaches the ABCs of optimal postural alignment for balanced functional movement. From the ABCs, the Elementals forms arise. Geometrically defined postural alignment for hands and feet, arms and legs called Elementals are set forms that are used in every Bowspring pose. In the Bowspring method, all movements like walking, stepping sideways, kneeling, standing up, sitting down, lying down, rolling over, etc. have a set pattern composed of Elemental forms including Bow, Arch / Crescent, Twist. Students learn these base forms and essential movements to build an increasingly complex, challenging, and artistic practice of Bowspring for transformation of mind-body health.

Total Duration: 10 hours

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About the Teacher

In 2013, John Friend joined forces with Desi to help systematise her Bowspring postural method of Sridaiva. He teaches at Vital as well as maintains an international teaching tour with Desi year-round. John has been a student of philosophy, physics and mind-body health for over...