Dips, Binds & Balances

by Alexandra Harfield

Dips, Binds & Balances

Alexandra Harfield

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10 Sessions

4 hr. Video Playback

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About the Teacher

Alexandra attended her very first yoga class at the age of 9. One memory that stays with her is being in lion pose, sticking out her tongue and going aaaaah. Many moons later she stepped into her next yoga class, during a period of training as a professional dancer in New York. When she returned to Germany she began to integrate yoga more into her daily life...

This 10-Day plan has been designed for people who have been practising Vinyasa yoga for a while, but feel a bit stuck in moving further in their practise. Each day of this program has a focus and a sequence to move towards advancing your practise step by step. Please enjoy! Big Hug, Alex!

All sessions inside the plan

Session 1 – Set the foundation

30 mins

Session 2 – Hug the midline

19 mins

Session 3 – Bind & fly

23 mins

Session 4 – Bind & balance

25 mins

Session 5 – Bind & balance with a twist

23 mins

Session 6 – Dip upside down

20 mins

Session 7 – Dip, grab, lean & balance

24 mins

Session 8 – Dip, hook & just go for it

22 mins

Session 9 – Dip, grab and lean

23 mins

Session 10 – Flow & release

22 mins

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