Yoga for Non-Yogis

by Matt Giordano

Yoga for Non-Yogis

Matt Giordano

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Originally from Sea Cliff, Long Island, Giordano spent 7 years developing his teaching style living in Manhattan, where he taught at local studios (Pure NYC and Equinox). Matt now travels internationally to teach his signature technique-based style of yoga, educating yoga students on how to use their...

Yoga is now being recognized in the medical world as an effective approach to healing the body and releasing stress. Unfortunately the stigma is that Yoga is only for highly flexible people who only eat lettuce, and can fit into tight stretchy pants. This program was designed for the non-yogi, everyday business woman/man who wants to feel better in their body and de-stress the mind. It is completely accessible for everyone but will still helps you take the first step toward building strength, balance and flexibility.

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Yoga for Non-Yogis

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